Ryzen 7 Processor - Photo by Zii Miller on Unsplash
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Unintelligent view of next-gen consoles and PC

Next-gen consoles are coming but so is Zen3 architecture, RDNA2 and Nvidia’s Ampere. Tough choices to be made between now and then.

The addiction that is Social Media

The Power of Infinite Scroll: Social Media Addiction

Infinite Scroll is the reason why social media is endless. You could scroll from top to bottom and not get to the end.

PC vs Console
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Should your next gaming device be a Console or a Gaming PC?

Most people do their gaming on consoles, but PC gaming is another avenue to express yourself in the virtual world of gaming.

The iPhone SE 2020. Budgte Champ??
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iPhone SE (2020) – Perfect for a Wide Variety

Apple dropped a bombshell on the smartphone industry in this month of April by releasing an iPhone that cuts corners but also provides a variety of good options