Now, I’m caught in a conundrum, next-gen consoles are coming maybe November or December. RDNA 2, Zen 3 and Ampere probably in September. But I have cash for only one slice of pizza. But that won’t stop me from dreaming up Next-Gen PC with the little information, but much hype, that I have.

AMD and Nvidia stopped production in preparation of what is to come next. And here we are getting closer to the promised land of Ray Tracing and 50% improved gaming performance. However, I want to take a look at next-gen products being pricy. Their improvements although substantial, I am at a point where I realise that in all that time, I am a casual gamer.

Yes, due to monetary constraints, but day by day, as I humbly trod on games, circulating around 70FPS on average, at 1080p resolution, I am content. However, when I check out a couple of videos on Moore’s Law is Dead YouTube channel, my hype meter crashes as it hits the ceiling, fanning the flames of lust for upcoming tech.

But with the rumoured perfomance comes rumoured pricing. In one hand I have consoles that cost $600, and in the other, triple fan GPUs that cost the same.

Next-gen console or PC?

Now I already have a PC, not good, not bad. Yet not Ultrawide/4K Ray Traced immersion, and I want 4K/Ultrawide Ray Traced immersion. Next-gen consoles could do the same, maybe not as perfect as upcoming PC hardware, but very much so at a reduced price.

I could improve my current setup, but I realise that it would be better to do a complete overhaul to attain the goals I had in mind, goals now achievable with a single console.

Thus, here is my question. Do I really need to get a $1,000 – $1,500 PC or get myself a $600 console?

Now for both budgets, I have not accounted for a 4K TV or Ultrawide monitor. But I can patiently gather those funds (I actually have more than enough for a slice of cheesy temptation).

A custom PC, based on Zen 3 CPU, and an RDNA 2 (or Navi 2x) or Ampere GPU will be gladly accepted in performance. Nevertheless, as a casual gamer with a modest budget, the blue or green light of next-gen consoles is alluring indeed.

AMD Wraith stealth cooler - Photo by Vladimir Malyutin on Unsplash
AMD Wraith stealth cooler - Photo by Vladimir Malyutin on Unsplash

Now, many videos have tried the console killer PC build, from the compact case to the respectable GPU (although as of now no RDNA 2 GPUs are in the market), but they all rank up to a 4 dollar digit cut on my salary, 6 digits in Kenyan currency.

Pick your preferred Poison.

With a console, you have Ray Tracing (that everyone is drooling over), fast SSD storage, much-improved graphics (4K, at more than 60 FPS, gaming here I come), games that have been optimized for the platform, the same old new Fifa game, and a competitive atmosphere between Playstation and Xbox, who are both withholding price information until the time is right (as of writing).

Nvidia RTX Series of Graphics Cards - Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash
Nvidia RTX Series of Graphics Cards - Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

But there is one other thing that swayed my conclusion. Other than the price tag, it is whether or not I am satisfied with the next-gen consoles. To be honest, if all you want to do is game, getting a console is the far easier, better and more economical option. But if you want to do more, and much much more, PC is where it is at.

For now, hold onto your wallets. Do not pre-order, unless you have enough funds to wipe the raytraced sweat off of Zion Williamson in NBA 2K21 teaser. Wait for conclusive benchmarks from reputable avenues and TechTubers.


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