Full Disclosure: I have never owned an iPhone and I have never used it for more than 1 one whole day. I certainly do not own the phone talked about in this post. There various expert reviews on Youtube and the internet generally. This is solely my opinion and should not necessarily persuade your decision.

Apple has never really been part of the budget section of smartphones at least fully. The only way you could get a budget iPhone was by getting a model from 1 to 3 years ago. You were also still guaranteed of good performance from the phone. A couple of major software updates for that same device were a given.

But you were still getting a phone with “outdated specs and older hardware”. I say outdated and older in quotes because the device would still be extremely capable especially when if it is an iPhone. The whole point is that the phone is not having up to date internals. Well, that has changed this year. Apple just released the iPhone SE and it is one of the devices that most people should look at.

This is especially because of its starting price and the value for money it provides compared to so many other devices in the same price range. It is rocking the same frame and body as that of the iPhone 8 from 2017. The device has a 4.7-inch screen and the latest Apple Processor, the A13 Bionic chipset that is also found in the iPhone 11 series that was released in September 2019.

It is a perfect phone for so many people.

Perfect for Android Fan boys and girls

This phone is perfect for those who swear by Android because of value for money. For so long, there have been those who think that Android gives the most value for money since there is a phone in almost every category.

This is true but as I said at the start of the article, Apple has also had phones for almost everyone and with much better specs at the price points. This should be the phone to change some minds especially in that aspect of money.

Perfect for Those who do not care about the specs.

The specifications do not matter as much as the experience. Something Apple has generally lived by. The experience one gets from iOS is usually unmatched. This is because of the tight integration with all of Apple’s various services and add-ons like Airdrop. (moving files from an iPhone to another iPhone or MacBook).

If you are one who is just looking for a phone that will generally give you an amazing experience, the iPhone SE (2020) is the right way to go. It has almost everything you may need in a phone with little compromise.

Perfect for those who miss small phones.

I for one do not fall in this category because I generally like more screen real estate. But I have seen more people complain of huge smartphone screens and they do have a point.

Screens are getting way too big for some people especially those with small hands. There was a time 6.9-inch was a tablet. Today, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has a 6.9 inch and it is considered a smartphone. The iPhone SE has a simple 4.7-inch screen that can be easily used with one hand.

The small form factor enables one-hand usage without the need to strain your thumb to reach all corners of the screen. Popular Youtuber and Apple Analyst Rene Ritchie points this out well. He goes on to add that people who loved the iPhone 6 through 8 will want this.

Perfect as your second phone

I have seen various people carrying around 2 smartphones both of which are at least 6-inch sizes. I for one feel like that is a heavy burden but hey, not my money.

Though, if you have the money, why carry 2 heavy phones when you could get this phone as your secondary device. It comes in at 148 grams which is lighter than most devices people are carrying around as secondary devices. 

If you are not using it as a second phone and you want it as your main phone, you could get it and add an Apple Watch. You are not spending all your $1000 plus on just a phone.

That brings me to pricing. Yes, this phone is relatively cheap, but it will still be expensive especially here in our homeland. It starts at $400 but that is before all other costs like shipping and taxes are factored in. Best bet is that it will still be cheaper than most iPhones on the market especially with such value.

Other devices on the market which go for roughly the same price include the Samsung Galaxy A70/A71, Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (if you find a good deal) among others.


All the people for whom it is perfect for essentially just need a smaller device. Also, if you are one looking for amazing photos and videos, this might not be it because the device does not necessarily have an amazing camera. It does, however, takes decent shots and videos.

If this is not your cup of tea, then this device is generally not for you. Luckily, Apple has a wide range of devices to choose from. If you are not an Apple Loyalist, the Android has even a wider range of devices.

It is an amazing device. If you need expert opinions, the best videos to watch are from MKBHDRene RitchieThe Verge among others. Do not complain so much about the price. This is one of the best value for money device on the market. If that money ever appears for dear old me, I am definitely getting it. Are you also going to consider it if Covid-19 does not eat up the whole economy? 


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