On Monday, 10th September 2019, Apple released 3 new smartphones. They include the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These are the latest and greatest devices that have been designed at Cupertino (Apple’s headquarters in  California).

The devices are the successors to last year’s device line up of the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. (X is pronounced 10, these were horrible names but what do I know). 

Last year’s devices were amazing in every single way. That trend continues in the new releases following on the reputation and legacy the iPhone has built over the years.

iPhone 11 Pro Max (Midnight Green)
iPhone 11 Pro Max (Midnight Green)

The greatest shock throughout the launch event was the pricing. Do not get me wrong, the iPhone is still an expensive phone especially here in East Africa. However, this year’s pricing is a little more favourable especially the iPhone 11 (successor to iPhone XR) with its starting price at $700.

The previous XR started at $750 which was still not normal for Apple to release a cheaper device. Apple has positioned itself in the market as a luxury brand and that is reflected throughout its entire product line.

This is probably why for most people, the ownership of an Apple product is a sign of status in society.  Apple really compromised this year with its prices and the company is probably trying to fight the fall in smartphone shipments.

All iPhones on sale in the year 2019
It seems this is one of the best years to get an iPhone, specifically last year’s iPhone as it is the best value for money.

Another reason for the reduction in prices is the fact that Apple is trying to grow its services market. More iPhones in people’s pockets means there will probably be more people willing to pay for the newly announced services like AppleTV+, Apple Arcade, or iCloud for storage.

Speaking of storage, that is probably the biggest let down of the new iPhones. All models start at a measly 64GB of internal storage. Some people will think this is a lot of storage but it is not.

Why? People love iPhones for their cameras specifically their video quality and these new phones can shoot up to 4K video both on the main cameras and the selfie camera as well. A one-minute 4K video takes about 375MB of storage.

That means 3 videos will take about 1GB.  The starting price for these iPhones does not warrant them having only 64GB of internal storage. It is hard to not compare them to Android counterparts who offer 128GB of storage for much less.

Buying an iPhone 11
This is the iPhone 11 most people should buy with 128GB of internal storage capacity. The one with 64GB is $50 less but that variant will run out of space a bit quickly.

The truth of the matter is that when you buy an iPhone, you are not just paying for the phone. You are also paying for the research and development that has gone into that device, the simplicity that comes with iOS and the 4 – 5 years of updates that you will get for iOS keeping your phone up to date and at par with newer Android phones. You are not paying for a lot in terms of hardware.


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